Today, in every event and gathering you attend, you see people taking photos and videos with their smart phones. Because it’s so available, it gives people the opportunity to capture and document every experience so effortlessly.

But, think about it, you take a couple of photos, your friend takes a video, and so does all the other people. Each moment is captured and will basically stay on each person’s smart phone. More than once we have come across people saying that they saw many of their guests filming and still didn’t see any footage.

This understanding brought us to create Guestsnaps.

We come from the filming and editing field, with experience in movies, commercials, weddings, sports, TV and broadcast, music concerts, music videos and more, operating for over 20 years.

By collecting and editing the photos and videos from the guests at each gathering, we create a one of kind video, which gives meaning and expression to each individual filming. We create a collective video which tells the events’ story, from a unique point of view – that of the guests themselves.

By doing this we finally give the event owners the possibility to see and enjoy their event from their guests eyes.


We welcome you to contact us with any question.